ALIGNMENT for solo piano Movement 1 - Small Repetitions

When you think you're going to die, even if you're not, it changes the way you look at things. This composition captures a glimpse of my journey with unexplained dizziness, panic, and anxiety. By the grace of God I have been allowed to experience this small trial for a time and learn a tremendous amount about myself and the Lord through it. All glory be to Christ.

The harmonies begin in a state of misalignment, creating a musical brain-fog that lingers about the melody until posture is eventually corrected, and slowly, new habits of alignment are formed through small repetitions. I am beyond grateful to the health care providers who walked me through the process of recovery. Their work with me may have seemed simple, but to me it was the difference between living with fear and joyfully writing again.

This piece wouldn't exist without their faithful efforts; many of their words and actions worked their way into these notes:

Lindsey Folds, Advent Physical Therapy in Rockford, MI

Kyle Banner, Banner Chiropractic & Rehabilitation in Ada, MI