Grand Rapids based Composer

Rena Poling is a Grand Rapids based composer, author, music instructor, singer/songwriter, and pianist. She has a nerdy passion for music theory, and loves writing music for media.

In addition to freelance work, Rena enjoys teaching private theory and composition lessons. Her piano arrangements have been performed at concerts, church services and weddings all across the state. In 2020 she wrote the musical score for the feature-length documentary Visceral: Transforming Trauma Through Theatre.

She has enjoyed the opportunity to study composition with such notable figures as Stacey Garrop, Michael Daugherty, Kristin Kuster, Paul Schoenfield, Hummie Mann and Kyle Werner. 

Rena lives in West Michigan with her husband and four children.

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Wedding pianist

"Rena arranged the music for my wedding and then performed as a pianist. She did an amazing job arranging the music and her piano skills are exceptional! She cares a lot about details and making sure she makes the music sound the way you want it to. She has a vast knowledge of music theory, and a lot of natural talent. I can't recommend her enough!"

-Molly B.

"Working with Rena was amazing. She was the pianist at my wedding back in December. When my husband and I first met with her to talk about the music, we had no idea what we wanted her to play. But she was so prepared with a binder full of ideas. Her playing was beautiful and flawless and I am so glad that we hired her!"

-Holly P.

"I hired Rena about a year ago as an outside of school music accompanist to help me rehearse vocal music and play piano at performances in open mic nights and dive bars to gain experience as a performer. Rena is a very gifted pianist and composer. After rehearsing music we also co-wrote 10 original songs. Rena encouraged me to learn how to write my own lyrics after I had self doubts about my ability as a lyricist. We wrote 10 songs together 8 of which I wrote lyrics and she composed the musical arrangement and 2 that she is the full author. Thanks to Rena's strong piano and composition skills my original music I wrote with her resulted in me signing for representation with a music industry professional who helped me start my own record label and music publishing company. Thanks to Rena I'm not only a lyricist now but have 2 EPS that are about to be released on my own company."

-Nicholas L.

Composer's workspace

The music of Rena Poling has been performed nationally and globally, including: Princeton (NJ), Seattle (WA), Ann Arbor (MI), Grand Rapids (MI), Waynesville (NC), Cincinnati (OH), Chicago (IL), Welling (OK), Northfield (MN), Oxford (England), and Perth (Australia).

Rena writes music in an attempt to be faithful with the gifts that God has given her, that her music may bring glory to God and refreshment to the human soul.