CCC - New Music Concert
Trinity Baptist Church, Grand Rapids MI

CCC New Music Concert 2018

Modern classical music by Grand Rapids based composers. Featuring:

Richard Cerchia - "Midnight Idyll" for flute and piano, "Waltz/Nocturn" for solo piano

Rena Poling - "Henry's Song" for brass quintet, "Dance for a Clock Tower" for solo piano, "3 Themes for Short Films" for violin and piano

Dr. Gaylord Taylor - "Jesus, Why is it So?" "This Brief Day," "Outside of Christ," and "Destined," for voice and piano

Henrys Song CCC concert

"Henry's Song" For brass quintet

Micah Stoddard (trpt. 1)
George Mackellar (trpt. 2)
Anna Joy Morris (f. hrn)
Matt George (trbn.)
Mark Taylor (tuba)

"Dance for a Clock Tower" For solo piano

Deanna Birchard (pno.)

3 themes for short film CCC concert

"3 Themes from Short Films" For violin and piano

Deanna Birchard (pno.)

Whitney Newberry (vln.)

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