Momentum - A Tango Musical
Ann Arbor, MI

Opening night of the big show! 


This was my senior thesis at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. "Why are so many wonderful smart guys single?" and "why are so many men who dance tango... also engineers?" These are questions that brought me and a miss J.W. to write this show, to explore such topics as love, dance, passion, math, purpose, and social skills. Features the Michigan Argentine Tango Club in a big dance number!

You can watch the full show premier here!


"What I saw tonight made me feel what all great art does - a full range of human emotional experience. From real sentiment, to gay levity, to thoughtful comment, it included, as life does, and in proportion, comedy, drama, romance and satire. For while comedy is not dramatic, and drama may not be romantic, and satire may be none of these, they are elements which make up the materials of our daily lives (to be engineer-y about it). It's Momentum's whole feeling of naturalistic representation of life which I find elevating and joyous." 


- Matthew De Genaro (Ann Arbor tango dancer, and sculptor)