Takin' on Nu Forms

Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, and Piano

“But takin' on new forms, rap has moved from the block

Now some mix it with soul and some mix it with rock” - DC Talk (1990)


With excessive use of quarter tones, slides and non-conventional notation, I manually notated a sort of “auto-tuned” version of myself speaking, singing and rapping for the flute and clarinet. The violin and cello function primarily as the beat track for this piece, something I debated adding in with electronics, but decided against, in the hopes of keeping the piece more organic for the ensemble. The genre of 1990s non-gangsta’ hip-hop has always had a fond place in my heart; taking inspiration from Biz Markie and Salt-N-Pepa, I wanted to take elements from their genre and smash them into mine.

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