Book of Hours

The Book Of Hours - Solo Piano

Commissioned by the Birchard Piano Studio in 2018 (at that time being only what is now called II. Lauds), this seven-movement work continues to grow as time allows. The music is heavily based on impressions of St. Gregory's Abbey, a monastery in Three Rivers, MI, where I first encountered the seven canonical hours of the day put into practice.

I. Matins - 4am

When you make your way to the chapel in the darkness of the morning.

This work is available for purchase


II. Lauds - Daybreak

When the sun reveals the foggy world around you and transforms it into day.

This work is available for purchase

This work is included in a book of simple piano works available for purchase - Piano Ladies


III. Terse - 9am

When energy finally begins to work its way into your activities.

This work is available for purchase